Best Tips To Reduce Knee pain and joint pain

Knee pain is caused by trauma, erosion and rheumatism.
Traumatic and rheumatic pain can occur at any age. Corrosive pain is more common in people over 40 years of age.
Weight must be controlled to prevent osteoarthritis.
Physiotherapy is very beneficial for knee pain.
Every year some patients undergo free operation at the initiative of Bangladesh Orthopedic Society.
Knee and joint pain is a very common problem among the elderly in our country. There are many reasons for this kind of pain.

The event was hosted by Dr. Bilkis Fatima and was attended by the Head of the Department of Orthopedics at Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College and Hospital. Nazrul Islam.

At the beginning of the discussion it was known about the causes of knee and joint pain. There are three main reasons for the increase in pain. Traumatic, erosive and rheumatic.

Traumatic pain can range from a sports injury or an accident to a ligament injury to knee or joint pain. Knee pain occurs when the soft bone called cartilage near the knee joint is eroded. It is usually more due to age. It is also called osteoarthritis. Rheumatism is also caused by arthritis or arthritis.

Traumatic and rheumatic pain can occur at any age. Corrosive pain is more common in the elderly (after 40 years).

Such problems include pain in the knees as well as swelling of the knees, difficulty in bending, increase in the temperature of the knees, changes in the shape of the knees, noise when the knees are bent. If the symptoms are more patients come to the doctor said. Nazrul Islam. This pain can occur after sitting for a long time and getting up, when climbing stairs, after walking for a long time. It then gradually increases in intensity to such an extent that the patient still has pain when he rests.

According to Doctor if there is knee pain, if the treatment is given more importance at the beginning, the complications will be less later.

The discussion is about osteoarthritis. It tends to be more in the knee joint. The reason is Dr. Nazrul Islam said, ‘The knee joint is the one that carries the most weight in our body. Its position between two long sisters (tibia and femur). There is also pain in the hip and ankle joints, but it is less than in the knees.

Seek medical attention as soon as pain symptoms appear. In the case of such diseases, the doctors first do some routine checkups. Blood test should be done to see if the patient has uric acid or diabetes. And of course X-rays have to be done.

Osteoarthritis can have many complications. Such as: not working with conventional medicine, joint stiffness, accumulation of fluid in the knee, change in the shape of the knee.

According to Doctor weight must be controlled to prevent osteoarthritis. When a patient goes to the doctor with pain in the early stages, he advises them to follow the guidelines of exercise and eating habits. These guidelines include eating more calcium and vitamin D foods, bending the knees less, climbing stairs slowly, using high mode, and praying in a chair.

Knee pain can also be caused by an infection or tumor. Septic arthritis can affect anyone. In this case, the patient is given pain medication, antibiotics and joint support after making a quick diagnosis. Sometimes a joint operation called aspiration or orthodomy is performed on the joint, said the specialist.

The knee joint is now undergoing advanced quality treatment. There have been many changes, especially in the operation. Surgery like knee replacement is being done in big hospitals in our country. This operation is very expensive. However, Dr. Nazrul Islam said some patients undergo free surgery every year at the initiative of Bangladesh Orthopedic Society.

When prescribing pain medications, physicians prescribe certain doses based on the patient's other ailments, such as kidney problems, asthma, or gastric problems. Steroid injections are given regularly to treat knee joint pain. However, according to experts, it should be given a little deliberately. In any case, it is necessary to know how much can be given. For example, diabetic patients should be given steroid injections to reduce the level of diabetes. And these injections cannot be given more than twice a year. Dr. Hite expressed the opinion that it could be the opposite. Nazrul Islam.

In addition, Dr. physiotherapy. Nazrul Islam said, it is very beneficial for the knee. It is enough to go to the therapy center and give physiotherapy for two weeks. The exercises that will be taught next time will have to be done regularly at home.


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