The questions that are usually asked on the Vaiba board
Whether public or private, these questions will usually be thrown at you on the Vaiba board. There are some questions that must be answered. Along with these, here are some more questions that will confuse you. Want to know what the questions are!
Keep reading below and you will understand for yourself.
Let's look at some common questions first. These are usually the ones you want to know -

 ◼️ What is your name? What does your name mean?

◼️ Name a famous person by this name ?
◼️ Tell about your family.
◼️ What is your father's name? What does he do ?
◼️ What is the name of your district ?
◼️ Why is your district famous ?
◼️ Name a famous freedom fighter in your district ?

One of the common questions of Vaiba Board

◼️ Tell us about yourself (in English / Bengali) ?

May ask some questions related to this. If you can talk about yourself, you can do these too

  •     Tell us about your educational qualifications ?
  •     Criticize yourself
  •     What is your age, date of birth ?
◼️ Why do we give you the job ?

Then ask some relaxing questions -

◼️ What date is today ? Bengali, Hijri ?
◼️ How old are you?
They start attacking you when you think your interview is over. And their main tool in this war is the question and the answer to your tool. Remember that if you miss the answer to a question, the arrow will go right into place. Some questions to ask you -
◼️ Name your 5 bad qualities.
◼️ Give examples of some creative work you have done in your life ?
◼️ Explain how you become a valuable asset to us ?
◼️ How long do you want to work with us if you are hired ?
Some of the questions will be such that if you do not understand them, you will kill Kural on your own feet -
◼️ Do you want to study more? Why not desire?
◼️ Are you Married ? Why did / did not ? What are your thoughts on marriage?
◼️ What are your three strengths and weaknesses?
◼️ How would you describe yourself in one word / three words?
◼️ Talk about a problem that you solved yourself?
◼️ What is the purpose of your life?
◼️ What makes you angry?
◼️ What motivates you?
◼️ Where have you worked before?

If the answer is yes then you will get two more gifts as a bonus

◼️ What kind of work have you done there?
◼️ Why did he have to give up the job ?

Deprived of two gifts if not answered. A little sour instead

◼️ Why have you been away from work for so long?
◼️ What will you do if you get crores of rupees tomorrow?
◼️ Where would you work if you got a job opportunity in any 1 organization?
◼️ Why do you think we should be hired?

HardDisk of your brain may ask some questions to verify. In other words, it is important to know how much memory you have -

◼️ Why do you want to work in our company?
◼️ What have you done in the past year to increase your knowledge?
◼️ And where did you apply for the job?
◼️ Do you know anyone in our company?


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