What to do if Facebook account is hacked

A few months ago, hackers cut the security net of Facebook's 'View As' feature and snatched the information of about 50 million Facebook accounts!

This kind of incident of ID hacking on Facebook has been happening again and again lately. Facebook has taken multiple new steps to provide users with information security.

However, we also have a responsibility to protect our personal information. So today I will try to give some tips in this regard.

If you notice anything suspicious in your Facebook account or think your account has been hacked, you must do the following.

1. Check Facebook login device
The best way to find out if someone has hacked your Facebook account is to check the devices from which you have logged in to Facebook.

If you go to the settings option of your Facebook account and click on the 'Security and Login' page, a list of devices from which you logged in with Facebook ID will be displayed along with the date.

If you see that your account has been logged in from an unknown device, you will immediately 'remove' or 'logout'.

2. Change the password of the Facebook account
If you go to the settings option of your Facebook account and click on the 'Security and Login' page, you will see a list of devices from which you logged in to Facebook.

If you see that your account has been logged in from an unfamiliar device, change the password of your Facebook account without delay.

Make sure that the password of your new Facebook account does not match the old one and use letters, special characters and numbers in the password to strengthen the password. This will make it harder for hackers to find out your password.

3. Turn on ‘Two Factor Authentication:’ on your Facebook account
Like other social media, Facebook also has a two-factor authentication method.

This method will not only work with the password to login, after giving the password, Facebook will send a code in a text message to your mobile phone, using that code within a certain period of time, you can enter the Facebook ID.

Since this code is being sent to your phone, no one who knows your password will be able to login without that code.

So with the help of ‘Two Factor Authentication:’ method, it is possible to protect a lot of Facebook accounts from hackers.

4. Keep personal information 'only me'
Many of us have a habit of keeping a lot of information about ourselves 'public' on Facebook. Such as: date of birth and year, mobile number, email. But it is not right for us to do that.

Because if you keep your date of birth, mobile number and email 'public', then it is often seen that hackers are using all this information to easily hack Facebook ID. So it is better to keep all this information 'only me'.

5. If you lose control of your Facebook account, get help from Facebook
If you completely lose control of your Facebook account, that is, if a hacker takes control of your Facebook ID or you are unable to login to your ID, you can go back to this link on Facebook.

In this process it is possible to easily bring back a Facebook ID. All you have to do here is enter your Facebook account username or phone number or email and your old password and follow certain steps. Then you will get your Facebook ID.

So here are some things to do if your Facebook account is hacked. If there is any mistake in the article, please forgive us and do not forget to leave your opinion in the comments.

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