There is nothing to be afraid of if you have this disease. If you have this disease, those who panic more and run around are more affected. So don't be afraid, if it is, keep a cool head and do not panic, work with a little wisdom, follow some rules, it will be fine One can see the opinion of a person infected with covid. He shared his experience.

My first symptom was on June 18. We give samples for three tests the next day on the 17th. I received a report from my wife, my son on the 16th as Covid-19 positive. Earlier, my mother's symptoms came on June 5. His report came positive on June 7. The report of 6 more members of my family came positive. Among them was my 10-year-old nephew who had no symptoms but was positive. So is my immediate younger brother. Others had symptoms.

My wife and son are negative in 19 days, my brother and nephew are negative in 10 days. Others in 16 days. And after testing my mother four times, 40 days later, Kovid-19 became negative.

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Therefore, the time of recovery varies according to age, physical ability and treatment. From the experience of our family members being positive about Covid-19, I would like to take this opportunity to say something to the dear members of Kora.

1. If you are positive, you should not panic - you have to have infinite trust in God Almighty.

2. You need to keep in touch with a good doctor by telephone. At first he will give some common medicines. It must be eaten properly.

3. Oxygen saturation of the body during corona, pulse oximeter should be checked frequently. Pulse oximeter should be kept at home.

4. If the oxygen saturation level is 94/93% or below, it is necessary to go to the hospital and take oxygen if it is not possible at home or at home.

5. All the problems that will occur in the body during the coronary period should be treated separately.

. Try to eat enough liquid food.

. If you have a cough problem, you have to take home treatment along with the medicine. It can be beneficial to keep cloves in the mouth all the time.

9. May cause too much acidity. Must be treated.

10. If the stomach is bad, saline can be taken to retain energy in the body, if the pressure is not high.

11. In case of fever, the level of fever should be told to the doctor.

11. Some blood tests may be done as per the doctor's advice. After seeing the blood test report, the doctor will suggest the national medicine / injection of blood thinner. You can also give some more medicines. So that blood does not clot in the body.

10. X-ray / CT scan may be required. After seeing the condition, the doctor will give treatment.
অনুযায়ী Depending on the age, one of the symptoms may be seen.
কমে Lack of oxygen and shortness of breath is not a symptom. If there is difficulty in breathing, ventilation may be given in ICU. Ventilation is given only when the patient is unable to breathe normally.
☑ Depending on the symptoms of the first symptoms, it should be tested again after 12/14 days. Even if it is negative, you have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.
Some physical complications may occur during this time. Eating right in the quarantine time will eliminate the complications.
My 72 year old mother has been taking oxygen for 30 days while sitting at home. By the grace of God, Corona was released after 40 days of treatment at home. May Allah grant him long life. He had several complications of aging, including asthma. But he did not suffer from shortness of breath at this time. On the other hand I had to be hospitalized to my wife. So there is nothing to despair of God's mercy.

Sheikh Zahid Fouad
Assistant Commissioner in Bangladesh Police


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