We will discuss SEO variants, usually SEO variants based on ethics. Search engine optimization

To do this, you need to know the rules and regulations of the search engine. Because a search engine is yours in their search results

Whether or not a website will be ranked largely depends on whether the search engine rules or algorithms are followed. Today we will discuss the types of search engine optimization or SEO according to the rules.

Types of search engine optimization or SEO

According to the rules, there are three types of search engine optimization SEO.

  • White hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is ethical, good and beautiful SEO. If you SEO your website according to the rules of search engine, then white hat SEO will be.
Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool)

  • There are several guidelines mentioned. Some of these guidelines are Best Practice which if you follow, you will get good results in search results, that is, your site will have good SEO. This means that if someone does SEO of their website following this guideline, it will be considered as white hat SEO.
  • If you do white hat SEO you will not get rank in search engine fast, but when you get rank it will be long lasting.
  • White hat SEO is done according to the needs of the visitors. Because Google prefers the website that is more user friendly.
  • Those who do permanent business should definitely do White Hat SEO.
  • White hat SEO has no shortcuts, it can take at least 3 months to 1 year.
  • Unique content and references to all information on the website are provided using internal links or external links.
  • The customer or audience voluntarily clicks or enters the website.
  • The content and images of White Hat SEO are unique. If you want to do white hat SEO, content marketing
  • It is very good to have an idea. On the other hand if you want to do video or youtube SEO youtube or video marketing
  • It needs to have an idea.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a strategy that is used to get rank quickly without following search engine guidelines.

  • Websites can be ranked quickly through Black Hat SEO.
  • Website visitors can be increased quickly using Black Hat SEO.
  • Various duplicate or copied content articles are rewritten through rewriters or various software.
  • Hidden links are used to get clicks.
  • URLs are inserted through redirect or hidden links on various irrelevant websites.
  • Websites are ranked by irrelevant keywords.
  • Key word stuffing is done in the whole article. That means more and more keywords are used to get rank.
  • The alter text of the image uses differently motivated keywords.
  • The anchor text takes the audience to irrelevant websites.
  • Audiences are brought to the website with false or incorrect headlines, there is no similarity between the headline and the article.
  • Different backlink generation methods are brought to the audience on purpose, such as mutual contextual links and spamming.
  • In exchange for money or giving fake reviews themselves.
  • Competitors do negative SEO through various link building.
  • Black hat SEO is against search engine law so search engines can block black hat SEO websites at any time. As a result, the website will no longer be published in search results.
  • Those who do business for a short period of time or do business for a special purpose usually do black hat SEO. Such an organization will do a certain business on the occasion of the World Cup and will close the business at the end of the World Cup, they can do black hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO

If SEO is done according to some search engine guidelines, or by finding loopholes, then it will be gray-hat SEO. As Google often changes its algorithms, the job of gray-hat SEO is to get acquainted with these changes and do SEO by gaping from each algorithm. Easy or Easy Two Gray Hat SEO is to buy an expired domain and do private blog networking and create your own Web 2.0 website. If you are not an expert then you should never go for gray hat SEO. Because if Google blocks the website with penalty then the company owning the website will face huge loss.


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