Almost all CPA networks want to know about your promotion method or plan when signing up on the site. In that case, copy-paste the following text a little bit.

I am planning to advertise my links and earning money by creating websites, youtube videos and also advertising with ppc and ppv (bing ads, facebook ads and leadimpact). I plan on making a website for each niche I have and also plan on doing some SEO to get it high on Googles ranking system. I have been motivated by various people to start earning money on the web and I will dedicate a few hours of my day to achieve this. I hope to be earning with your website soon.

If you say - Incentive Traffic: Yes / No. You will give No. Incentive traffic means whether you bring traffic with bribe or not.

How to easily offer selection and analysis?

Offer selection and analysis can be done in different ways. You can select offers directly from your network. You can also take the help of Affplus, Offervault, oDigger. Details of CPA offers are available in these.

How to promote the offer?

When you get approval from a CPA network site, you will get your dashboard by logging in to that site. Go to the dashboard and select the offer of your choice. You will get your link in that offer. You will promote that link.

Offers can be promoted in different ways Paid method, Free method, Email marketing etc. The most profitable paid method. However, it is better to work on the free method as new.

Paid method: Facebook paid ads, 7seach, Bing Adwords, Google Adwords.

Free method: article marketing, youtube video marketing, blog tumenting, social media marketing such as facebook, twitter pinterest etc.

YouTube Video Marketing - YouTube Video Marketing is very popular these days. Create a video related to your offer, create a channel on YouTube, upload the video there, give a good title, write a description and link your offer there. Then share your video in different places. But I think the default shares of YouTube are enough. Read a little about YouTube and other free traffic.

Email marketing: Email marketing is one of the traffic sources for CPA marketing. The best are those who can collect emails from Craigslist. Craigslist marketers I have met earn เงจเงฆเงฆ 200-500 a day from CPA marketing only through email marketing.

How to make payment?

You will get payment in different ways. Such as: PayPal, Pioneer, Bank Transfer etc. As there is no PayPal in present Bangladesh, you can withdraw money through Pioneer or bank transfer. Some CPA networks have a check system. Usually you can withdraw money only if it is 50 to 100 dollars.


Of course, do not fulfill your offer yourself. No matter how clever you are, CPA sites will catch you and ban your account forever. You can give status in the form of Facebook. You can promote on Twitter. There are so many types it's hard to say. Just find out and start marketing and make money now.


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How to download any file from this website ?

You can download all the files on our site. We usually share the link of Google Drive from here you can securely and very quickly collect any PDF or all other files. One more thing to keep in mind is that this site does not post any kind of fake download, so wherever you see PDF download or file download, remember that you can download your desired PDF or other files from that post. Each download button has a timer attached. Basically, it takes some time for the files to be ready, so the download timer is given. There may be some automatic download timers, in which case there is nothing to be afraid of when you see the timer. There will be no accident when the timer runs out. Wait there with some of your precious time.