Nowadays it is very difficult to find people who are not connected with social media. We've all been more or less connected to social media. Social media is used differently in different countries and according to the infrastructure. However, there is some risk involved in the use of social media.
For example, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms in Asia. And the number of its users is constantly increasing. Since such social media platforms have to provide some personal information of their own, there is some risk involved in using it.
Therefore, before using social media, one should take some precautionary measures so that one's personal risk in using social media can be minimized.

You may feel that your information is limited to your friends. But when you start using social media, the number of your friends gradually increases a lot, and keep an eye on the fact that some of the fake ID profiled friends may be added to your list.
If it is wise not to include strangers in your profile, check your profile activities on your social media platform every few days.

Refrain from sharing your personal information on social media platforms. Because in most cases profiles become risky from your personal information. Gain some knowledge about social media before joining any social media platforms, not just Facebook.

Do not upload any personal photos or any kind of video contact on social media. If a stranger sends you a message on your social media platforms, refrain from replying. At the same time, we receive many kinds of messages on social media platforms with links to websites from time to time. Many such incidents have taken place in the past. Many people have changed the confidential information by clicking on the hackers' link.

Remember that if you use social media platforms carefully, you can get a lot of benefits from it, but your carelessness here can bring a lot of danger to you.


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