Today everyone knows about online income. But those who have heard but are not doing anything by themselves have some misconceptions because they do not know some things well. Some people think that all the ways to earn money online are freelancing or outsourcing. In fact, it is not at all.

Online marketing is not freelancing at all. However, if someone is marketing a product on behalf of the client, then the client is outsourcing and in that case you are freelancing. However, if you do any marketing from which you earn money in a different way than doing someone else's work, but that is online marketing. This is definitely not freelancing.

Today I will discuss with you about CPA marketing, one of the means of online income.

What is CPA Marketing ?

The full meaning of CPA market is Cost Per Action. Simply download something, share, register on any site, etc. An important part of affiliate marketing is CPA marketing. It is a new advertising payment model that pays for certain tasks. In CPA marketing you will be paid not for selling a product but for a specific job. These are simply called Action. Such as: registration, email submission, PIN submission or download etc. CPA Marketing earns an average of-1- $ 4 per lead. Therefore, it is possible to easily earn several times more through CPA marketing than the current advertising payment models.

Let's give a simple example. Suppose a software company offers a download that, if they can download the software, will pay เงจ 2 per download. Now if you can download a software, you will get 2 dollars per download. This is what CPA marketing is all about.

What offers are available at CPA ?

A variety of offers are available at CPA. These include:

Pay per download: Such offers are software download, games download, etc.

Pay per lead: Such offers are sign up, email submission, etc.

Pay per sale: These types of offers are cell type such as health, insurance, etc.

There are also various other offers. For example: Financial, Casual Dating, Health and Beauty, Gaming, PIN Submit, Survey, Mobile App, Travel, Ecommerce etc.

Why do CPA marketing?

As an online marketer you can do different types of marketing. Such as affiliate marketing, cpa marketing, youtube marketing etc. To be an online marketer you need to have a good quality idea about many things online which is never possible for a new person online. Doing an online promotion on your own site or any other method is a very high level job which requires enough experience to do.

But in the case of CPA marketing, without much research, only by working as a rule, a good income can be made from the beginning. Even those who are new to online and have started with CPA gain confidence as a result of fast income generation.

What are the possible income from CPA marketing?

It depends on your work. However, if you work regularly and follow the rules, it is possible to earn over a thousand dollars a month. If you do not work according to the rules, not a single penny of income is possible. If you work with an offer of 3 dollars, then if you can complete 20 actions in a day, then you can earn 30 dollars a day. The monthly income will be 900.

Where can I get CPA offers?

There are over 500 CPA marketplaces in the world. The largest CPA networks in the world are Maxbounty, Peerfly, Neverblue, affiliaxe, A4D, Clickbooth, Clickdealer etc. Their action rate is very high and it is very difficult to get an account. So I would say it is better not to work in these networks in the new situation.

Here are some of the best and easiest CPA networks for newcomers:






Several mobile CPA networks YeahMobi, ClicksMob, Matomy, ClickDealer, Avazu, Private, Exchange (APX), GoWide.

You can select CPA Network by looking at Reviews of CPA Network.



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