Many are curious as to whether there is any way to catch a lie. But the truth is that if he tells a lie, he can say it is a kind of habit. You slandered someone, called him a liar. He said nothing. Because he's probably thinking, "What's the point of talking about what I didn't do?" So no one should be called a liar or branded a liar without proof of correct information. However, those who tell lies are themselves subject to severe punishment. That is, others do not believe him, but he himself does not believe others. Because he thinks others are liars. There are a number of things that can be done to determine if the word is lying -

1. It is difficult to tell a lie by keeping an eye on it. Look at the eyes and talk less. He will cover his own faults by finding out the faults of others

2. When you lie, the tone of voice changes, it stays higher and lower than normal, it doesn't stop where it shouldn't stop, it doesn't stop where it should stop,

3. He will talk a lot and he will always want to prove himself

4. The same words can be repeated or stuttering, breathing faster than usual.

5. If you understand that this is a lie, then ask a question to confirm a little more, such as "What time is it today or how many dates"?

6. If in doubt, say the word again, you will see that he can give more information than necessary, he will try to change the topic.

But first of all, if lying has become a habit, then there is no easy way to catch it. If anyone says so, it depends on his own knowledge and wisdom.


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