Some of our habits push our loved ones away. Today I will tell you which of your habits can be the cause of dislike of others. If you do not have these habits then it is very good and if you have them then get rid of them as soon as possible.

The habit of praising others, of condemning others,
    Self-beating, self-beating habits,
    The habit of throwing one's own garbage in the street or in front of another's house.
    The habit of commenting on something, knowingly or unknowingly,
    The habit of whispering in the middle of a message, all of a sudden, one in the ear, the other in the ear,
    The habit of empathizing with others by exaggerating one's own grief, suffering,
    Understand the ultimate preoccupation of others and the habit of annoying them,
    The habit of eating at someone's house, saying, "Don't eat it, burn it, take it away, keep it up"
    When a guest comes to the house, the child in front of him is forced to sing and rhymes.
    Unemployed boy, girl, "What job are you trying?" The habit of asking.
    The habit of not being patient like listening to others,
    Going to the store, looking at the goods, bidding the price, "Okay, then Nimu" is the habit of leaving Boilla.
    The habit of not speaking,
    The habit of showing extra curiosity about other people's personal matters,
    The habit of calling, not recognizing from the other side, not disclosing the identity, throwing in the recognition test,
    The habit of giving knowledge to the beggar without begging.


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