Who is viewing your Facebook profile ? Is

there any option to view it ?

Facebook use is now in everyone's hands. Everyone knows about every feature of this popular social networking site. But even after that one question remains in everyone. That is, who is viewing your Facebook profile? There is no option to see who is visiting the Facebook profile of the users. No such feature has come up yet.

Is it possible to see at all: but there is no end to the curiosity about this feature. Many people go to different apps or third party websites for this. But they are not protected in most cases. While there is a risk of personal information being stolen, there is also the possibility of Facebook being hacked. It is important to keep in mind that if you use a third party app, it is very important to verify in advance. Otherwise the difficulty may increase. Facebook does not have a rule that I can see who is visiting my profile. You will find a lot of fake information on YouTube or Google. But the reality is that you will never see who is visiting your profile. Facebook may update such rules in the future, but the chances are slim.

Facebook has clarified its position: Facebook has also clarified its position in this regard. The agency said, "Facebook does not provide information on who is viewing users' profiles. Third party apps can't do that either. If you have an app that offers this kind of feature, report it to Facebook quickly. ” That is, it is clear that you cannot find out who legitimately checked your Facebook profile.

Beware users: However, there are many articles that say that Facebook has a strategy to see who is viewing the profile. This usually requires the help of desktop. You have to open the Facebook home page and use the CTRL + U shortcut from there. There are some special ways to see who has seen the Facebook profile. Such claims have been made in all those reports. But Facebook has officially announced that they have not brought any such feature yet. So till today Bangla is also advising all Facebook users to be careful in this regard. Because you can read any problem to find visitors on Facebook illegally.


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